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Entrepreneur, author, wife, inspirational leader,  transformational speaker, and Christian Evangelist.

Alma Gordon BAMberg is the founder of Sisters ABLAZE Women’s Ministry, co-founder of Spirit & Truth World Outreach Church and Christian evangelist. The mission of Alma BAMberg MINistries aka"BAMMIN" is to encourage, enlighten, equip, empower and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows].  John 10:10 amp

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Deborah Fury



"Little did you know how broken I was.  I had NO self-worth.  I was suffering from deep depression that literally made me want to end my life.  I thought I could just go to sleep and never wake up.  I was hurting silently! But there was something about you , Pastor BAM.  I felt like you saw me.  I mean, you didn't look over me.  You validated me.  You counseled me.  And since that day, I've been delivered from depression. You've truly made a difference in my life and I thank you for that." 

- A Sister Battling Depression 

"In my life I had been misused, abused, called out of my name, overlooked, counted out, and forgotten about by those who said they loved me.  What individuals did to me, I also did to myself.  I was clueless as to how to respect myself.  The morning of that first encounter with Sister BAMberg, I had gotten out of a bed with a young man that was shaking with in my mother's house.,..I had learn to tolerate abusive relationships from the relationships around me.  But now, i didn't want it, I wanted to be free!...I was afraid....I almost didn't make it out..I was raped, stalked, invited to die with him by suicide and lastly, a gun pulled on me.  The ministry Sister BAM founded, "Sisters of Destiny, was a safe place for women to be mentored.     It bothered me that I continued to be sexually active and a Christian.  I was challenged by the Word of God and the standard Evangelist Alma BAMberg lived and preached about as a disciple of Jesus Christ.     And as I continued to be taught and apply Rom. 12:2, a change occurred in my life.  I''ll never forget the night God set me free!  The night of my senior prom, blinders came off my eyes and courage flooded my heart.  That night the young man was my date and at the end of the night I told him tthat we were breaking up and he needed to leave my mother's house.  The next day,  I packed his clothes and put him OUT!!!  That was the summer of 1995.  I was free and happy!  I have to say that because of being exposed to Co-pastor's anointing, life of faith, and Christian convictions as a babe in Christ I was totally ruined for a mediocre lifestyle in God and every area of my life."  - A Sister Misused, Abused & Forgotten

Renetta Biagas

Licensed Esthetician

"Moma BAM started a series, Dream the Impossible Dream.  Oh my gosh, it was on FIRE! I wanted to start my own business but I didn't know what I wanted to do. But...that Sunday morning, my impossible dream felt possible... I stepped out, and a few months later I opened my own salon...It's been over 6 years as on April/2019."

Chimelle Murray-Malveaux



"Pastor Alma has been a motivation in my life by always being a role model.   She has be a model of a godly wife, a fearless leader, a warring intercessor, a loyal friend, and overall a woman who let's Jesus shine through her.  Her ministry has forced me out of my comfort zone and place of stagnation.  She has without doubt given me tools to expand ..."

Deborah Fury



"When I first became a part of Pastor Alma's ministry, I was a broken vessel.  At that time I was lost, searching , and trying to find my way.  I really didn't know what God's purpose or plan was for my life.  I really didn't think I had a purpose.  Then God placed Pastor Alma in my life for a divine purpose.  I can definitely say that she has made a great impact in my life.  I am the person I am today because of her strong influence on my life.  She was patient with me, but diligent. She never gave up on me.  She taught me that I am who God says I am, and that I am not defined by my position or circumstances."

Michelle Ochoa Murray
Former Petroleum Engineering Tech III

"I came...head down, teary-eyed, and you looked at me thoughtfully as though you were seeing pass me, a look full of meaning unknown to me.  I know now it was not your hands, but the hands of God made flesh through you that found me and nurtured my spirit back to life.  and that is what you are to me - a little bit of Jesus made flesh in the earth.  I am grateful for your discernment and obedient heart."


Rhonda Pelton
Process Automation Manager/DOW

“As a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, manager, and all the many hats I wear day-to-day, I was losing sight of myself...Pastor BAM helped me to take a step back, prioritize, and make sure that "self" was on my list."

A Sister needing to PRIORITIZE HERSELF

Ericka  Byrd-Collins

Nurse, Texas Children Hospital


"It was approximately 5-6 months of attending church irregularly that I gave my heart to God.  Why?  Why did I give my heart to God?  The reason I gave my heart to God was because I encountered a vessel (Pastor Alma) prepared to lift God up in her being and life. Like a diamond when cast in the light, the reflections are colorful, varied and endless.  Diamonds are forever, solid, and sturdy!  These examples describe her displayed faith in her God.  Co-Pastor Alma's life is an encyclopedia filled with volumes of life's lessons lived out through the Word of God."

Dorthy Varner-Fields
Mary Kay Consultant/Caregiver

"There are many examples in the Bible, but Pastor BAM is living proof I can observe right now.  She is proof that the Word of God works; She is proof that prayer really works; and proof that I can depend on God.  Pastor Alma strengthens my resolve to live a life of integrity - when no one is watching and I'm all alone.  My self-esteem has risen, my desire to pray and be in the presence of God has increased and my desire to use the gifts God has given me has also increased.  I thank God for causing our paths to cross."


Dr. Sylvia Cole

Best Selling Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Host, Writing Coach, Educational Consultant


"Although I have experienced success, Pastor BAM has inspired and challenged me to live out my true purpose...I understood I had a passion and calling on my life as an author and speaker but she empowered me to step out and do what I was called to do by the help of our awesome God." 

Juanita Fuller

Sothwest Airlines

A Sister in Need of a HEALING

"I received a devastating positive result from my annual mammogram.  The day before I was scheduled to have the lumpectomy, I went to Bible study.  Prior to that night, I had not mentioned my health condition to any of my my church members including my pastors.  Just before Bible study, I shared with Pastor Bam, she refortified my faith, she anointed me with oil, and prayed the most powerful prayer of healing.  The Holy Spirit overshadowed me.  I remember falling under the power of God sick, but I got up healed.  From that moment to this one, I have been CANCER FREE!"


Latest Book 

Take your Turn...NOW!

You might be wondering, what is it my turn for?  It’s your turn to succeed at the call of God on your life.  It’s your turn to prosper, to lead, to rule, and to have dominion!  It’s your turn to be above only and not beneath!  It’s your turn to walk in divine health, uncommon favor, and overwhelming peace!  It’s your turn to write that book, start that business, enroll in that class or whatever you’ve been waiting for the right time to do.  It’s your turn to be on the cutting competitive edge. It’s your turn to be and do all that God has created you to be and do. And it’s your turn to do it NOW!


In this inspirational book, Alma G. BAMberg reflects on the processes, principles, and prayers that prepared her to take a stand and boldly take her turn. Alma parallels what she calls Principles of Preparation in the life of Esther that guaranteed Esther’s promotion.  She believes these principles when applied holds the key for your promotion as well. 


It's Your Turn, Now!…is ideal for woman and anyone who’s stuck and wants to know how to prepare for greater. This insightful book is designed to help its readers discover a more purposeful life.

|"Enjoying the Journey NOW w/BAM!"|




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