Many times we equate success with what others say and how they define success, but how does God define success.  If you are not careful you will find yourself trying to measure up to standards of people who don’t know or understand who you are, or what you are called to achieve in life, however you must be fully persuaded that success belongs to you. The enemy also plants thoughts that you’re a failure because of the failed attempts you have encountered.  He wants to negatively affect your attitude and cause you to question and doubt yourself; become non-progressive; lose your confidence; operate in fear; lose your courage; back off of the Word and confess what you see and not what you believe;   fill your mind and thought life with doubt and negativity; become a hearer of the Word only and not a Doer; and most of all, have you make excuses by not taking responsibility for your own success. 


This book will explore eight characteristics from the book of Joshua that are necessary for success and overcoming failure, I call them the be-attitudes for success.  You must reject the notion of accepting failure as an option and begin to succeed in the very areas of your life where you have experienced failure.  

Failure Is Not An Option

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