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Meet BAM

Living full & overflowing with purpose, passion, and realized potential

Alma "BAM" Gordon Bamberg

Entrepreneur, author, wife, inspirational leader and transformational speaker, and Christian Evangelist.

Alma BAMberg MINistries, aka "BAMMIN", is committed to teaching the uncompromising truths of the Word of God. 

BAM is an avid seeker of the things of God, and is dedicated to encouraging others to become avid seekers as well.  She carries a special anointing to challenge others, especially women, not to settle for mediocrity. Through BAMMIN", this God-chaser is a motivational voice, "Igniting and fanning flames of hope and possibility". (2 Timothy 1:6) Amp


BAM believes she is a “climate creator” and was born to facilitate, activate and assist people in an unrelenting, insistent manner to discover their full potential and maximize it.  She touches the lives of those she meets with the tangible love of God using her energetic and magnetic personality.  


Her heart's desire is to see people excel and enjoy life in abundance to the full, till it overflows” RIGHT NOW! (John 10:10) Amp

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